Dublin Print Studios

Walking through the tourist populated streets ¬†it’s very easy to be distracted and miss the novel but discrete entrance to the Black Church Studio despite it being situated next door to gallery spaces. Having walked this area many times it’s remarkable this was the first time it had drawn my attention. Cold calling led to an impromptu tour by the very helpful and informative Print coordinator/manager, David McGinn.


Art for Aldeburgh Festival 2012

I was asked to participate in a mixed exhibition at the Aldeburgh Gallery in Suffolk. This gave me the opportunity to try working with three colour etchings and monoprints. I’ve always enjoyed the possibilities offered in overlaying primary colours and using the effects of translucent inks. The monoprint images I finally selected were from a larger series of prints which explored ideas from sketch books and spontaneous drawings. The etching was done on three separate pieces of copper and I used hard ground and roulette wheels directly onto the bitten plates. For the monoprints I continued to use the soft etching inks and used both Canaletto and Sommerset Newsprint papers.


Andrew Kulman. Heading Image

Welcome to my new blog which has been developed to allow me to publish ideas and images from some of studio activities I will be  participating in. My intention is to revisit printmaking practices that I have done before such as stone lithography and soft ground etching as well as attempting techniques new to me such as mezzotint and copper engraving.