Brief Interlude in Bucharest

About to start packing for my visit to Bucharest so unlikely to be posting anything for a while.

The trip will take in Ceausescu’s Palace, an enormous monstosity that caused a whole district to be raised to the ground and has since had enormous boulevards constructed leading up to it. On the itinarary is a visit to the University of the Arts where I’ve been promised a tour of the facilities…The other thing I have hope of doing is interviewing Tudor Jebeleanu whose work I’ve recently been introduced to. If this looks remotely publishable then I’ll submit it to Varoom for consideration, (note to self). Must pack a sketch book but feel inclined to take actual plates to scratch directly… A visit to Bran Castle (Dracula’s home) and Transylvania may inspire some darker pieces after the recent splash of primaries? Expect a return to deep dry points and mezzotints…


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