Goldmark Gallery Visit

Spent a very pleasant day meeting Mike Goldmark in his Uppingham Gallery, the wealth of visual material is over whelming, walls adorned with Tenniel engravings, Lautrec drypoints, Piper lithographs. Urban Street Art in the form of screenprints have been produced down the road at the Goldmark atelier. I only had to mention Anthony Gross and the next minute plan chest drawers were opening with more original prints of Gross than you would see in a lifetime. What about Ravilious..step this way, Ardizzone over on that wall…one great discovery for me was Francis Davison an artist who utilised collage extensively. He was married to margaret Mellis and so the St Ives link grows wider. Mike Goldmark was very generous in personally inviting me to peruse through very rare volumes and portfolos of prints. A highlight was a pochoir edition of Graham Sutherland’s sketchbook and a suite of prints that comprised Gross’s illustrations for Les Enfants Terribles. I wasnt in a position to buy anything, indeed i’d gone down with the intention to sell but if I was i’d have bought a Francis Davison collage and a Sir William Hayter drypoint


RCA Postcards 2013

RCA Secret

Just finished the RCA Secret postcard for 2013. This is the annual exhibition sale of original artwork that returns after a year’s absense due to the 175 celebrations. Clearly I can’t show the art work as that would make it an ‘open secret’ but suffice to say it wont be masquerading a Hockney, Emin or a Hirst as that’s what most visitors are trying to identify. All cards go on sale for £45.00 and its on a first come first served basis. In doing mine I came across the usual dilema of how to produce work that was brand new, fresh but still embodying my ‘RCA voice’…I tried printmaking but this didnt work out so the final iamges were hand drawn and so much better for it. There is to be a launch party in March and the work goes on sale shortly after. It of course would be nice to sell the three pieces as all funds go to supporting students studying there.

A Brief Hiatus

Following a brief hiatus I will now be updating this blog on a weekly basis. Content will include more recent excursions into print and drawing with an emphasis on Illustration. I am now teaching across Fine Art and Visual Communication and hope to showcase work from these two areas. I will be highlighting work produced in the print rooms of Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and this will feature work for the forthcoming ‘The Last Picture Show’ which will be the final non student exhibition in the Visual Communication Gallery in the BIAD campus at Gosta Green, Birmingham. This will be a two man exhibition featuring new work by Andrew Kulman  and Justin Sanders, Master Printer.