Two New Wood Engravings

I’m not sure why it’s take so long to  finally pluck up the courage and use the array of razor sharpened tools, incise the polished wood surfaces and print the resultant engravings? I first happened upon the seductive box wood blocks over 30 years ago, in Leeds, my place of study…it was enough to just caress the blocks, knowing that Bewick, Tenniel, Ravilious had  taken the medium of wood engraving to  extraordinary levels  of achievement.

Perhaps it was the ignorance of the tools, maybe the relatively simple Lino cut was closer to my natural cutting ability, who knows ? Finally this year I engraved my first blocks, tentative, over cautious but determined and wholly prepared to accept the slips and misshapes…the first block was a challenge and the result would accompany me to the Double Crown Club Dinner where I was a guest of Christopher Brown, what could be a more fitting  occasion to produce a wood engraving? After all such masters of the medium were esteemed members.

I made the engraving, Sara, my wife produced elegant display folders and we placed them into protective glassine envelopes recently bought in NYC. The reaction at the DCC was positive and John Lawrence, a master of the medium gave me plenty of ample encouragement.

So now I’m showcasing two recent engravings, Tree of a Life and Explosion, both different in approach but representative of my ever growing confidence.

New cuts

Wood engravings


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