Awkward Hippos

Monoprint of Hippos

Monoprint of Hippos

I’m Working on several images that may feature in a new children’s story…I tried emulating the brush pen line drawings that I’ve been working on recently, the other image is a more solid approach which would suit block colour…both have a certain charm and its dependent on how I would develop the story and the other creatures/characters in the proposed book.

My intention was to colour the hippo in a shade of lilac/blue, an un-natural shade but one that would suit the creature admirably. One of the factors that needs to be taken into account is that children are able to be very open and receptive to un-natural colour schemes, therefore having a blue creature accentuates the hues within its natural skin tones. Im also wanting to capture some of the spirit of Paul Rand and Bruno Munari’s children’s books. Simple forms and primary colours allow for a modernist feel and when these same colours are free to overprint then the secondary colours can startle and add a dynamic addition.


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