Planning Workshops


Andrew Kulman printing

One of the tasks I find both challenging but rewarding is the business of Autumn workshops. This year (academic, starting in September) I’m intending to run a number of workshops that look at both preliminary, start up sessions and leading to more advanced specialist/professionally driven events.

In terms of basic start up workshops we’ll be looking at mono printing, drypoint and simple letterpress. The idea behind these is to introduce newcomers to the ‘spirit of print’ and to some extent enable a loosening up of pre conceived ideas about the process and outcomes. Its a general misunderstanding that can lead to a lack of footfall in the print studios.Many feel its too technical and I for one would shy away from explaining the technicalities of a Colombia Press. Its also seen as a place where if you’re going to make a spectacular mess then its with oil based ink and invariably something costly and precious gets ruined along the way.

The basic mono print workshop will enable participants to get to grips with the three colour process, to translate simple drawings into quite complex colour variations and to review their drawing skills through the process of print.

When we come to drypoint then we’ll look at ways of inscribing aluminium with a selection of tools. Again this is designed to loosen the mind and allow a free flowing approach to designing for print. We’ll use scribing tools, roulettes and simple electrical engraving tools to achieve a range of marks.

Finally we’ll consider how to use type and image with a combination of relief printed images and wooden type. Its always a popular occasion when the words arranged become realised as bold statements and sentences…with the range of type we have its easy to mimic a Victorian bill poster and to produce framable pieces without too much planning.

recently I produced several posters for visiting speakers and they quickly became sought after, naturally you never produce enough for everyone.


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