Review of Illustration by Andrew Hall

Illustration by Andrew Hall: published by Lawrence King

Level 4 Illustration Core Reader

When first year students arrive to study Illustration on the BA Visual Communication course we suggest a number of recommended books and one core reader. The core reader is a reference book that we consider to be essential reading, that is not to say there won’t be others of matching importance.

Illustration is part of Lawrence King’s Portfolio series and is aimed at students studying at degree level. Its a valuable read and offers many pointers, covering topics such as the history of commercial art, approaching clients, how to develop personal directions. It also offers a clear insight into how areas of the publishing world operate, the inferences in time scales and industry expectations. Much of the material contained within its pages could apply to graduates and professionals too but as a introduction to the business of Illustration we feel it pitches at the right level.

There will be occasions when we ask students in the first year to refer to specific chapters and these may form contextual reading for project briefs and seminars.

illustration book

Illustration book Reviewed by Andrew Kulman


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