Explosions: an exercise in Print and Paper, Part 1 ideas

I’m in the process of doing a collaborative project with Sara Kulman, see her wonderful website http://sarakulmanpaperplay.com using print and paper. 

The theme I chose was explosions based on the symbolic representations that were incorporated into the dynamic wood cuts of Paul Nash, the lithographs of David Bomberg and the general energy seen in the work of Italian Futurists and British Vorticists. Why?..well partly I wanted to find a theme that would seem appropriate when I began engraving lemon wood blocks, the intention was to create something vast and dynamic on an impossibly small surface, how to capture an explosion on a 2.5 inch surface. The beauty of wood engraving lies in the very fine incisions that the razor sharp tools offer. 

I decided to produce small B/W drawings using ink and charcoal in order to understand the limitations of the space and the marks required to convey the explosive images. My images need to be pared down and stripped of unnecessary detail as i intended the lines to be the principal focus of intention.

In part 2 I’ll discuss the process of engraving and the difficulties encountered.

Drawing of an explosion

Drawing of an explosion


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