Review of Visible Signs, David Crow

The third book in my ‘Back to College’ reviews is the Level 5 Illustration core reader, Visible Signs by David Crow. This is the second edition and builds nicely onto the Level 4 core reader ‘Illustration’ by Andrew Hall. 

When choosing a suitable book for second year Visual Communication students we became aware that we needed a book whose material would take readers to a new area of consideration. Visible Signs really starts to ask questions about how we read images and what they represent to other people. Here is whats been said of the new edition

‘Concepts such as signs and signifiers, and language and speech are all explored within the framework of graphic design and fine art. The 2nd Edition features new and revised content from the author, and includes 200 visuals created to illustrate the ideas discussed within the book.Visible Signs tackles this problem by explaining semiotic terms and theories in relation to visual communication, with illustrative examples taken from contemporary art and design.’

I think you’ll find this book an invaluable addition to your library and its certainly stood the test of time because much of the content is relevant in day to day practice.

Review by Andrew Kulman

Visible Signs by David Crow

Visible Signs by David Crow


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