Workshop Opportunity : NID India

Recently I’ve been asked to come up with ideas for a workshop proposal for the International Open Electives at NID in India. 

I’m looking at running a workshop/s based on Narrative and Sequence and considering the idea of a wordless book or comic strip. This would have universal appeal and could be seen as a challenge in getting people to think in completely visual terms. Here’s an outline brief

Overview of the workshop

The workshop aims to deliver a series of achievable outcomes. Participants will consider the opportunities and limitations of the wordless narrative, they will be enabled to use their drawn imagery to express emotion and drama without the need of explanatory text. The workshop will be open to new ideas and there will be a chance to explain and test out innovative approaches to the tasks given.

These workshops are meant for interested groups of people who are keen to learn ways of developing their visual story telling skills; they may or may not come with a formal background in creative arts, but still look forward to engage themselves with hands-on, skill-based creative activities. Besides providing a platform for participants to gain hands-on experience, the aim is also to enhance the participants’ familiarity with the universal language of sequential art. All practice will be complimented by theoretical lectures and discussion.

nid image


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