The Double Crown Club


Recently I was invited by the renowned illustrator, Christopher Brown to attend the Double Crown Club supper at the Savile Club in London’s Mayfair. This is a long established dining club, founded in the 1920’s, it has provided a meeting opportunity for Designers, Typographers and illustrators to meet and discuss their subjects.. The gathering usually starts with a reception in the Ballroom of the club, a three course meal is followed by a lecture/talk with the opportunity for questions afterwards.

This was an enlightening evening as the guest speaker was Robert Dalrymple, who is currently based in Edinburgh and was known to me prior to his talk as the designer of the book Ravilious and Wedgwood. It charted his journey from working at the Westerham Press to his current projects and pretty much referenced many of the significant artists and designers associated with the DCC during the last Century.

Members I met during the evening included, David Fickling, Brain Webb, Simon Rendal, John Lawrence and several ‘living legends’. David Gentleman and Shirley Hughes.

What did i take away from the evening, well it allowed me a chance to listen to some stimulating conversation, to participate in an informative and well presented talk and to be part of design and typographic history. The menu was a rest and a nice collectible item, there were a few to collect and pass on. DCC menus are highly collectible.

Thanks go to Chris, Brian and the Dinner Secretary, Clive Richards. The evening was chaired by Alan Powers. It remains to be seen if I get asked to attend another dinner but this was certainly a special occasion.

photo 1photo 2


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