Why Study Visual Communication?

Will Lanham

Will Lanham

will Harris

Will Harris

A degree in Visual Communication is the first step to becoming a qualified Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Photographer or Film Maker but it’s also far more than that. The degree itself allows students to experience first hand the incredible breadth of topics covered in Visual Communication. Arguably no other University subject has the curriculum span of Visual Communication which includes art, design, history and theory, entrepreneurial and presentation skills, professional engagement and research. Utilising both traditional and new technology, it’s clear to see from this how a Visual Communication degree can be a springboard for a multitude of careers as well as providing essential transferable skills.

Like many subjects, graduates can move into teaching but they can also focus on other areas of art and design such as curation, marketing, publishing, studio practice, film production, writing and promotion or work as studio/design assistants. Graduates with a Visual Communication background are also known to go into other areas such design management, work in design collectives and become freelance artists/photographers. Sometimes careers can be less obvious such as one of our students who became a major VJ and ran successful music events. Visual Communication has many important supporters, such as Brian Griffin ( photographer), Trevor Beattie (TBWA), Dave McKean (Mirrormask), Vaughan Oliver (4AD) and Ian Eames (Pink Floyd) all of whom have sponsored our annual student Awards programme.


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