A Print for the Fallen

E is for Explosion

In a continuing progress review of a joint venture with www.sarakulmanpaperplay.com I’m explaining the process that led to a limited edition image and card engineered folder.

Having cut the card on the Silver Bullet machine, sara  then set about folding it into a shape that not only contained the image but also  gave hints as to the content within. This was a cleverly considered device, meant to compliment and enhance but not to distract from the print.

The original intention was to make a complete artefact and to post it to a leading designer. so the work needed to have elegance as well as functioning as an example of combined craftsmanship.

Explosions5 Explosions6Explosions7

The red card was inserted into the inside to allow the text to be read once the card was unfolded and at the same time providing an ‘E” on the upper cover. The ingenuity of the design meant that the letter form on the front became incorporated into the overall design and an integral element.

Explosions8 Explosions9photo-5

The insertion of the print itself added the final touch and what we had were three distinct colours working in unison and providing a dynamic integration of type, card engineering and print. This was a very successful collaborative project and the end result will hopefully make an impact.

completed project

completed project


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