The India Report: Ahmedabad

Andrew Kulman in Ahmedabad

Andrew Kulman in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad is one of those cities that speaks a thousand languages, its what you want from it and what you make of it. On my first visit I found that everything I had imagined of the place was true yet it could not be summed up in cliched misunderstandings of the culture. Everywhere `I turned was a beautiful photograph yet to be realised. ‘Stop the car i want to take a photo of that!’ you hear yourself thinking if not exactly saying, the textures of the seats of the rickshaws that defy the logic of normal assume there are rules to driving but these are simply never followed. The walls are peeling to reveal history upon history, theres a patina of dirt and dust covering most surfaces yet street cleaners attempt to sweep the detritus from our sight only for a further wave to emerge to cover up their footprints. My Swiss friend Pierre suggests we need to reconfigure our whole notion of order and rules and understand that India is not ever going to be the same.

Andrew Kulman in the Market at the Old Town

Andrew Kulman in the Market at the Old Town


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