Since 2014 I have been fortunate enough to be based in a purpose built state of the art campus, Parkside in the middle of Birmingham’s Eastside Learning District. The wonderful environment it offers includes purpose built studio spaces and a fully equipped print workshop. On offer are opportunities to make all manner of intaglio processes, silkscreen beds and relief presses.

I’ve always considered myself to straddled between Fine Art practices and what was once known as Commercial Art but now more commonly understood as Illustration and Graphic Design. I began by producing Fine Art prints on a Graphic Art and Design course in Leeds but for my postgraduate studies I switched to studying Illustration at the Royal College of Art in South Kensington. There I continued to make fine art prints but with a firm narrative bias. My contemporaries included Simon Larbalestier, Neil Hadfield and Graham Elliott ( Simon became a photographer, Neil, an animator and Graham, a wild performance artist based in New York) it was quite normal to work ‘around’ illustration. On graduating I naturally applied my prints to commercial projects and commissions, working as a regular contributor to Vogue but also establishing strong relationships with publishers and design groups. 1987 was a heady time for illustrators, agents like Sharp Practice and Central Illustration Agency were present everywhere and I simply swam in their slip stream, picking up commissions on the way.

Today 25 years on I am still happiest making prints and have enjoyed building a professional reputation as a Graphic Artist, having exhibited in the UK and abroad and working for all manner of commercial practices.


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